Toasty Warm Office Trailers

When we sit in our offices with a heater at our feet it’s easy to forgot those who are outside braving the dangerous temperatures; out in the oilfield boilers are running, the thick exhaust of idling diesel trucks hangs in the bitter cold air, icicles are growing from the roughnecks noses and beards, and the office trailers are billowing heat as the door is opened or closed!

Thank goodness for office trailers in the dead-cold of winter, especially for the oilfield crews!  OTG office trailers offer high insulation (comes in handy to hold in the heat!), and electric heaters blasting out warmth!  Best part of it all, the oilfield consultants can stay on the location and crawl into a toasty warm bed after a long and exhausting day!

The OTG office trailers are designed for the -50 weather, providing the brave oilfield men & women a warm and comfortable office & housing.

“Stay Warm Out There!”

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