Fire Safety Units

Calling All Fire Departments & Emergency Medical Teams! Fire Safety Units Available Fall of 2021. These specialty training units are equipped with a working kitchen area and fireplace and can be used to educate students or trainees on how quickly a fire can happen and how to escape if a fire should happen. There isContinue reading “Fire Safety Units”

Spring Cleaning

Time to shed the old and replace with fresh and new! Mobile Office trailers are similar to vehicles in respect to the fact that people want new and updated offices! Technology changes, features change therefore you need to upgrade your mobile office trailer! If you have been thinking about a NEW Mobile Office Trailer, nowContinue reading “Spring Cleaning”

Used Office Trailers

Offices to Go offers NEW and USED officer trailers.  If you are just starting up your business, or need an office for a park or small construction company, the used office trailer units is definitely a great option.  Give us a call to talk about purchasing a used office trailer!


Some guys may take advantage and go on their only vacation of the year.  Other guys do their maintenance and grooming of their equipment.  This is also the time to shop for NEW equipment!  You have to see our NEW oilfield office trailers.  We have Maybe, this is the time to trade in your oldie forContinue reading “Breakup”

Toasty Warm Office Trailers

When we sit in our offices with a heater at our feet it’s easy to forgot those who are outside braving the dangerous temperatures; out in the oilfield boilers are running, the thick exhaust of idling diesel trucks hangs in the bitter cold air, icicles are growing from the roughnecks noses and beards, and theContinue reading “Toasty Warm Office Trailers”

High End Office Trailers

Offices to Go have designed the highest of quality office trailers.  We have listened to our consultants and buyers and have made these office trailers one of the best in the industry. We have listened to the experts and have since created one of the best office trailers in the industry!!!!  We pride ourselves onContinue reading “High End Office Trailers”

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